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The landrush for the new .asia domains is almost upon us!
Hurry and get your domain at the begining for the best opportunity!
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When, who & Why
Landrush:February 20th 2008.
Landrush is scheduled to start on February 20, 2008 and ends on March 12, 2008.
During Landrush anybody can apply for .asia domains.
However, the domain allotment is subject to auction if there are more than one application for the same domain.

The .ASIA top-level domain (TLD) is an ICANN-sponsored domain extension that represents the Australian-Asia-Pacific region.
A .ASIA domain gives you exposure to the region as a whole, as opposed to individual countries, such as a .JP or .CN extension.
The .ASIA domain gives you regional recognition in this vast area as apposed to registering many individual country codes such as .cn .tw .jp etc.
We expect this new domain to be very popular so the good domains will go fast and very early!

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The Auction:
If someone else applies for your domain it will automatically go to to auction.
You will be contacted and allowed the opportunity to bid for your domain.
The bidding increments will vary depending on the value of the current bid.
The chart below indicates the different increment amounts pertaining to defined bidding ranges.
Bottom Range Top Range Minimum Increment Amount
$0.00 $499.00 $10.00
$500.00 $999.00 $25.00
$1,000.00 $2,499.00 $50.00
$2,500.00 $9,999.00 $100.00
$10,000.00 $24,999.00 $500.00
$25,000.00 $-------- $1,000.00
You may also set a particular maximum bid.
We will try to get your domain for the lowest price and only go up if necessary.
Should the bidding exceed your maximum bid you will be withdrawn

This is particularly useful for companies that conduct business in different Asian countries, because securing the .ASIA domain gives you regional recognition, makes it easier to manage your Web presence, and increases your exposure to the growing number of Internet users in the Asia-Pacific region.

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